Block 3- Character Strengths
Block 5- Mindsets
Block 6_ Resilience and post-traumatic growth
Demonstrations & Practice
Block 8- Positive Psychology Interventions
Block 9- Psychometrics and assessment

Introduction to the course

Hello and a warm welcome
 to my Positive Psychology for Coaches programme! 

I’m taking Udemy to the next level and am offering an accompanying Facebook group with the course as well as optional monthly live Q&A sessions with the opportunity to discuss and practice what you’re learning with your fellow coaches.

After a decade of coaching clients as well as training and supervising countless life and business coaches during my time as Programme Leader of the MSc Coaching Psychology at the University of East London, I’ve realized that every coaching client (and indeed person as I would argue) ultimately is looking for some way of feeling good or better about themselves. Whether that’s a life of meaning and purpose, finding the love of their lives, experiencing more joy, hope, security or belonging, getting a promotion or increasing their income. In the end they’re always chasing some form of happiness. I don’t think there are many universals in life, but I can genuinely say that all of my coaching clients so far have in some way or another been trying to influence one of the building blocks of their psychological wellbeing.

Positive psychology (PP) goes into the heart of that matter exploring the good life, people at their best and what constitutes happiness beyond positive emotions. What we know has been developed through the scientific method, is based on empirical data and two decades of research. PP’s evidence-based concepts, tools and interventions have helped me work with my clients to achieve their ultimate goals and, perhaps more importantly, they’ve made me a happier person. And it can help you too! 

After years of running these weekends successfully at Animas Centre for Coaching, one of Europe’s leading coaching schools, I’ve decided to to follow the call of many coaches outside of the UK and make the course available to an international audience. As not to miss out on the rich discussions that take place in the class room, I’ve filmed over 10 hours of teaching with a group of hand-picked coaches representing a broad range (from trainee to highly experienced and across different approaches to life and business coaching as well as a coach-curious therapist) and added a private Facebook group as well as (optional) monthly live Q&A seminars via Zoom.

Coaching demos followed by an analysis and group discussion offer you a first-hand insight into how PP can be applied to the work with your clients. However, while other courses often teach you a specific way or system of “doing coaching”, many years of training and supervision have taught me that “who you are is how you coach” and that it is hence important to allow you to take in what the science has to offer and help you integrate it into your existing style. The video materials are full of examples from practice, a variety of possible ways in which PP could be integrated into different coaching styles, reflective questions, further reading and (perhaps most importantly) access to your fellow learners through the private group and monthly live sessions with your course facilitator to get a chance to meet & greet and to ask questions and practice what you’ve learned with each other.

I’m looking forward to meeting you soon! 🙂 

What you’ll learn

  • Key concepts from positive psychology science
  • How to use Positive Psychology with coaching clients
  • The building blocks of happiness
  • Working with strengths
  • Optimism, explanatory style and positive thinking
  • Mindsets
  • Resilience and post-traumatic growth
  • Flow, engagement and motivation
  • Evidence-based interventions (including meditation & mindfulness, gratitude, random acts of kindness, best possible self and exercise)
  • Positive psychological assessment and psychometric tests
  • Practice models for Positive Psychology Coaching
  • How to integrate positive psychology into your existing practice
  • The future of positive psychology
  • Coaching demonstrations, practice instructions, monthly live Q&A sessions and access to a vibrant community of positive psychology coaches

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Be a coach, coach-in-training or have an interest in coaching (life coaching, business coaching, all approaches welcome and relevant)

Who this course is for:

  • Life or business coaches curious about positive psychology and/or eager to add to their coaching toolbox


Join the accompanying learning group

Monthly live Q&A sessions every first Thursday of the month at 6:30pm UK time