AI Coaching with AI Coach Bot Alpina and its creator Rebecca Rutschmann

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5th March 2024 18:30 – 21:30 BST


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This month we're welcoming ChatGPT-based coach chat bot Alpina in our Lab, accompanied by Alpina's creator Rebecca Rutschmann. The development of coach bots has been nauseatingly fast, and Alpina is now on the verge to coaching at ICF PCC level, with research planned blind-assessing its transcripts for effectiveness. I'm sure you'll share my excitement about getting to see its capabilities, limitations and competencies live in action in this month's Lab, and hope you can join us live.

Bio & Approach:

Alpina is an advanced AI Coach chatbot companion developed by Rebecca Rutschmann, based on the latest GPT technologies (currently GPT4turbo). Created to be a supportive and empathetic coaching chatbot, Alpina incorporates a transformative coaching approach, utilizing principles of positive psychology and clean language. It aims to redefine the boundaries of what AI coaching can achieve and serves as a tool for exploring the current capabilities and limitations of existing technology.

Rebecca's goal with Alpina is to push the limits of AI capabilities and create the best possible coaching chatbot. She strives to incorporate a coaching mindset while adhering to industry codes of ethics. Alpina has already gained recognition from industry leaders, demonstrating high-level ACC coaching competencies defined by the International Coaching Federation. Ongoing improvements are being made to Alpina, with the aim of exploring the potential for this technology to meet the standards of a PCC competency level equivalent in the near future, for now.

Meet her smaller, still evolving brother Alpacco in the GPT Store:

Rebecca Rutschmann is a pioneering and prominent figure at the convergence of coaching technology and artificial intelligence. As a trailblazing tech entrepreneur, communications specialist, and certified business coach, her expertise shines in crafting extraordinary digital and intelligent user experiences, a testament to her deep understanding of both technology and human interaction.

Rebecca's mission is bold and transformative: she aims to democratize coaching through the development of an innovative, digital, and gamified AI chatbot experience. This pioneering work is designed to empower coaches and their clients, unlocking their utmost potential in an ever-evolving digital landscape. Her focus extends beyond theoretical frameworks to practical applications, particularly in coach enablement. She dedicates herself to making AI an accessible and integral tool for coaches, fostering a deeper understanding and practical navigation of AI in coaching.

Renowned for her visionary approach, Rebecca Rutschmann is redefining the intersection of technology and human potential, making significant contributions to both coaching and AI fields.

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Your host and facilitator for this Lab is Yannick Jacob, professional coach, trainer and supervisor with over a decade of experience. Yannick is a published coaching author, teaching faculty at Cambridge University and the International Centre for Coaching Supervision, Course Director of the acclaimed ACIC, and former Programme Leader of the MSc Coaching Psychology at the University of East London.

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