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Existential Coaching with Yannick Jacob

After spending several decades searching for meaning, a client with an existing existential worldview finds peace in the idea that there may not be an overarching one, thereby shifting the meaning of meaning.

Coaching for Body Acceptance & Intuitive Eating w/ Linh Phan

Struggling with healthy eating and exercise, Linh’s client is looking to reconnect with his body through food, revisiting the experience of eating and engaging with Linh’s 10 principles for intuitive eating.

An unfolding approach to coaching with Steve March

Steve’s client faced challenges transitioning from law to coaching and moving from the city to a mountain community. This brought up identity questions, regret, and personal issues, showcasing “Aletheia Coaching.”

Coaching polarities and conflicting desires with Jindy Mann

Presence and intuition within an open exploratory space allowed the client to safely reflect on her conflicting desires between wanting to be taken care of and leaning into her entrepreneurial independence and autonomy, following her mother’s death a year ago.

AI Coaching with AI Coach Bot Alpina and its creator Rebecca Rutschmann

ChatGPT4Turbo-based Alpina coaches two clients on creating more business, procrastination and confidence, incl commentary and analysis by its creator/trainer Rebecca Rutschmann.

Alcohol-free performance coaching with Andy Ramage

By guiding his client through a sophisticated pro&against sobriety process, Andy creates profound results to help a former “party girl” to own her new identy and find concrete ways to quit alcohol altogether.

Working with the body in coaching with Mark Walsh

Working with the body to help a client build the confidence to be more visible utilizing a blend of coaching and teaching.

Psychoanalytic Coaching with David Rothauser

A deep and exploratory session working on confidence and a significant family relationship.

A Masterclass in ICF Coaching with Fernando Hettiyadura

A journey towards self-love is being accelerated by this masterful MCC-style coaching session.

The Wisdom of Self-Doubt with Olivia D’Silva

Olivia taps into the innate wisdom of self doubt using her signature model of coaching and utilizing meditation and powerful space holding.

Living with & beyond trauma with Kate Brassington

A highly resilient single mum cancer survivor who’s facing additional trauma is seeking to manage her everyday battles

Integrative, Embodied & Holistic Coaching with Mulika Ojikutu Harnett

Drawing on transpersonal psychology, poetry and a deep sense of presence and connection, a cancer surviving single mum works through her challenges of balancing the demands of work and life.

A Map for Change with Marcus Druen

Utilising his signature digital post-it note approach, Marcus draws out and works with his client’s “map for change”

IFS Coaching with Dr Guthrie Sayen, PCC

Guthrie Sayen, PhD, PCC, is a respected coach and creator of acclaimed coach training programs. He empowers practitioners to tap into their clients’ internal systems for healing and wisdom, with a mission to end suffering on the planet.

Consciousness wizardry with Devon White

Devon coaches a high performer about to walk away from a business opportunity on reaching a state of alignment in his personal and professional life.

Julia Rogers

Psychodynamic Coaching with MCC Julia Rogers

Julia coaches a father on rekindling his relationship with his three children following a successful career, a divorce 8 years ago, and a recent cancer diagnosis.

Siawash Zahmat

High Performance Business Coaching with Siawash Zahmat

Siawash coaches the founder of the Coaching Lab on overcoming an adversity to strategic business growth and traditional business practices.

Jungian Coaching with Daniel Lev Shkolnik

A trance-like session drawing on the benefits of meditation, Jungian concepts and IFS techniques (internal family systems) to help this client overcome barriers to living an authentic life.

Quinn Simpson

Coaching for Educators with Quinn Simpson

In this “Graydin-style” Coaching session (eclectic approach drawing on Co-active coaching, NLP and more) Quinn coaches a colleague, trainee, and friend, who is a self-proclaimed “over-thinker” on her management style due to a transition into a new job.

Liam Farquhar

Psychedelic Integration Coaching with Liam Farquhar

Liam helps his client make sense of a recent altered-state experience which offered insights into navigating motherhood, though IFS and somatic experiencing techniques.

Prof Windy Dryden

Single-Session Coaching with Professor Windy Dryden

Windy coaches a client on procrastination issues and demonstrates his approach to Single-Session Coaching

Matteo Trevisan

IFS Coaching (Internal Family Systems/ Parts work) with Matteo Trevisan

Matteo uses an Internal Family Systems / Parts work approach to helping his client overcome procrastination and stuckness

Mamoon Yusaf

Spiritual Coaching with Mamoon Yusaf

Helping a client work through grief, using deep presence paired with wisdom from the Quran

Mia O'Gorman

Thriving in Transition with Mia O’Gorman

Helping a client explore and make sense of an upcoming career transition

Sachin Sharma

Bringing it all Back to Zero with Sachin Sharma

A most entertaining and fun session that didn’t seem to land with the client in terms of results but sparked fantastic conversations about coach-client fit

Martin Stellar

Helping Nice People Sell More with Martin Stellar

Martin helps an introverted coach reframe what “selling” means to her to open the doors into how to get more clients.

Sid Hamid

Resonance-based Coaching with Sid Hamid

What happens when you meet a client with pure presence and awareness, sharing what’s arising in your body and mind as an approach to coaching, and to see what resonates with the client. Find out!

Georgie Nightingall

Deep coaching with Georgie Nightingall

A deep coaching conversation exploring the client’s re-integration into their life after travelling the world and experiencing spiritual growth, not wanting to slip back into normaility but instead establish a life of purpose and meaning.

Rosie Peacock

Psychedelics-assisted Coaching with Rosie Peacock

A coaching session to help the client further integrate a psychedelic experience while holding the boundaries between therapy and coaching well and working with literature prompts and poems)

Linda Aspey

Time to Think… with the Earth in Mind with Linda Aspey

A thinking environment (a la Nancy Kline) to help a climate activist reflect to avoid and understand burnout.

Dr Joel Vos

Meaning and Purpose-focused Coaching with Dr Joel Vos

Meaning and Purpose interventions for a client who struggled with covid anxiety (featuring a fair bit of normalising the client’s feelings, as well as some teaching).

Oriana Tickell

A PCC Session by a #PositiveActivist with Oriana Tickell

#PositiveActivist and Professional Certified Coach Oriana Tickell supports a young mother to get back into work after a break

Dr D. Ivan Young

An ICF MCC Masterclass with Dr D. Ivan Young

ICF MCC style coaching with one of the US’s leading relationship experts

Freya Blom

High Impact Coaching with Freya Blom

“High Impact Coaching
(breaking some of the traditional rules of coaching and owning it. Plus the client loved it!) “

Robert Stephenson

Narrative Coaching with Robert Stephenson

perhaps not the way you think. Robert Stephenson, showcases his approach to coaching.”

Dr. Magdalena Bak-Maier

Finding Love Through Heart-Mind Integration with Dr. Magdalena Bak-Maier

“Finding love through heart-mind integration
(a wonderfully present and mindful session, solutions-focused, yet deep and powerful)”

Dr. Natalie Lancer

Fast-paced Coaching to Tackle Stuckness and Inertia with Dr. Natalie Lancer

“Fast-paced coaching to tackle stuckness and inertia on BIG projects (in this case a PhD)
(existentially-grounded but with little time to think, amazing rapport with this existing client, and lots to talk about after)”

Dr Nash Popovic

Personal Consultancy (Coach-Counselling) with Dr Nash Popovic

Personal Consultancy (Nash’s signature approach to Coach-Counselling Integration)

William Pennigton

Health Coaching with William Pennington

William helps his client to understand what stands in the way of healthy habits.

Caroline Strawson

Trauma & Narcissistic Abuse-conscious Coach-therapy with Caroline Strawson

Caroline helps her client come to terms with being enough, be more in control of her emotions, and the remnants of a relationship with a narcissist in her life.

Liz Goodchild

Life coaching for people who give shit with Liz Goodchild

Person-centred, Life coaching for people who give a shit (Liz is abit of a legend in the Animas community and I just love her style)

Ross Nichols

“By-the-books” ICF-PPC Coaching with Ross Nichols

(difficult to watch but served the client well and very much aligned with the ICF model, but in a sort-of military fashion)”

Clive Leach

Coaching with Strengths and Positive Psychology with Clive Leach

Coaching with Strengths and Positive Psychology (Clive brought a recorded session with a continuing client in Singapore centred around their strengthprofile assessment)

Catherine Bell

Coaching with NLP and Strengths with Catherine Bell

Coaching with NLP and strengths (I love Catherine’s style and presence. She’s touching on a lot of techniques and questions in this inspiring session)

Nick Hatter

The UK’s Leading Life Coach with Nick Hatter

(a suprising session which I’m still not sure has landed with the client, very interesting watch given the high profile of the coach)”

Nathan Blair

Body Work: Somatic Coaching with Nathan Blair

working with the body (super interesting session where access to the somatic work proofed to be difficult. The true value of the session lies in the reflections)

Eric Larson

Ontological Coaching with Eric Larson

Ontological Coaching by a coach with 10.000+ hours of experience (one of my favourtie Lab sessions to date)

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