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Applying the art of group learning... and practice!

The Coaching Lab: Observe, discuss, experiment, grow

Yannick Jacob in a suit and tie

If – like me – you have ever scoured YouTube to find quality coaching in action, in an effort to learn from the best and see what great coaching really looks like when it’s masterfully practised, you’ve probably been disappointed by what’s out there. 

Occasionally you’ll find a decent session, but mostly it’s of questionable quality, clearly staged, and there’s rarely any useful reflections shared after the session – no way for you to  really understand how certain decisions were made, and how the session really landed with the client. 

If during your training, all the coaching you saw was either by your peers, or if you got lucky and your trainer demo’d something, it was likely just a few minutes, and you were left wondering how this would look like if it had been a real-life, full-length session… 


So by the time the millionth coach told us that what they most liked about their coach training was to see the demo – and to practise the actual techniques, the opportunity to put theory into action and to talk about what was going on inside their heads as they were coaching – it was clear to me that we need an event that’s dedicated to just that!

And thus, Yannick’s Coaching Lab was born.

We launched in early 2020, initially planning to have live events in London theatres, but the CoViD-19 pandemic stopped us from going ahead with those. That was a blessing in disguise, because we learned to love our virtual Labs, as they offer an even more real-life setting, once the audience turns invisible at the press of a Zoom button. 

At this point, we’re 30 Labs and over 2 years into this journey, and we love what it has become. 

Each month we get to see top-notch coaching in action; we get to take a look under the hood of professional coaching; we get to enjoy the massive privilege of sitting in on the magic that often happens in coaching rooms around world with a diverse crowd of coaches and clients; and we get to experiment with new techniques, approaches, questions and ways of being with our clients during the practice breakouts. 

And since this is a Lab, we take the science attitude seriously. Along the way we discovered that sometimes we learn the most when the whole thing blows up in your face – as long as we talk about what just happened and make sense of it together. 

So it isn’t necessarily about the quality of the coaching, or the results created during the session: There’s ALWAYS excellent learning in every single Lab we’ve run. And we’re excited that you get to be a part of it. 

Over time we’ve built a sizable Vault of recorded sessions which our members can freely dig into, and thanks to the Coaching Cabinet, our free peer support group, the community can come together regardless of how successful their practice is. 

Whether you’re testing the waters with an individual ticket, or you’re joining us as a member, every coach is welcome and we can’t wait to meet you! 

And if we can help you be a better coach in any way, then we know we’ve done our job. Because our mission is to have a positive impact on individuals, communities and the world – and quality coaching is a terrific way for making that happen.

So thank you for being a coach. You’re making a difference. 

With Love


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