Moving From “I” to “We” through Team Coaching – An Interview with Georgina Woudstra

“The future of coaching is team coaching.”

With this bold statement, Georgina Woudstra takes us on a journey through team coaching as she’s interviewed by Coaching Uncaged host, Yannick Jacob.

In this episode Georgina answers and explores questions around:

What makes team coaching different from other disciplines such as individual coaching, facilitation, workshop leadership and team building.
What she found frustrating and, ultimately, unsatisfying about traditional approaches to team development.

What skills and attitudes are important for a team coach and what the journey from beginner to mastery might look like.

Ways to introduce team coaching to organisations who might not know what to expect.

The importance of chemistry sessions for team coaching.

Why understanding the nature of a specific team is important and what it does to the way team coaching unfolds.

How team coaching moves the conversation from “I” to “we”.

Some of the mistakes new team coaches make based on their experience of individual coaching.

How to create psychological safety in team coaching.

The difference and relationship between the contract and the container.

Whether a team coach needs to be an expert on team and group dynamics.

An overview of the Team Coaching Studio competencies and team coaching wheel.

The challenge and opportunities of working with HR and coaching commissioners

And much more.

Team coaching, Georgina says, is not about the quality of the dialogue between the team and the coach but about the quality of the dialogue within the team.

Join us on our own dialogue with Georgina as we explore team coaching.

About Georgina Woudstra

Georgina has worked with individual clients, executive teams and boards in the public, private and voluntary sectors for over 20 years. Her speciality lies in coaching new and established CEOs, and CEOs in the making, as well as executive team coaching.

She is principal of Team Coaching Studio which provides unique workshops and programmes to advance coaching skills, one-to-one and group supervision and mentoring in support of ICF credentialing to help others in the profession in their development towards excellence.

Visit https://www.teamcoachingstudio.com for more information or to sign up to their monthly newsletter.

As a master-certified coach, Georgina helps executives feel clearer about who they are, what drives them and how they lead. She combines real presence and listening with a grounded psychological understanding and many years of business and entrepreneurial experience. Her style is challenging but gentle: she is direct, honest and asks the questions that others may avoid.

Visit https://www.georginawoudstra.com to find out more.

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