Welcome to the course
My journey into Existential Coaching
Coaching & Existential Coaching
The Big Questions
Existential philosophy in a nutshell
Key themes in existentialism
Coaching demo
More existential ideas
"Resilience and happiness: An existential perspective"
"End of Part 1: Reflections"
"Welcome to Part 2: Recap and reflections"
The 4 worlds as an assessment tool in coaching
"Coaching Demo: The 4 Worlds"
Phenomenological inquiry
Coaching Demo: Phenomenological inquiry
Tuning in & tuning out
Working with the here-and-now
The existential coaching process
Guidelines for existential practice Part 1
Guidelines for existential practice Part 2
Existential Leadership
Coaching Demo
"End of Part 2: Key learnings and takeaways "
Resources for the road

Existential Leadership