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For many years now I’ve sent out my popular “Nuggets” every 4-6 weeks (or so) because that’s how often I  would want to hear from people. 

A little while ago though I had to acknowledge that there seem to be a tonne of people out there who don’t want to wait that long, and instead of unsubscribing immediately, they were craving to get these Nuggets into their inboxes “as they fall”. 

So here’s your opportunity to get a weekly Nugget (usually a 2-5min read), as well as a drip feed of new content and other helpful resources, to help you on your journey towards coaching mastery and living more intentionally.

I offer insights from my coaching, supervision and training engagements – as well as my own personal experiences – as I navigate life; career; parenthood; and the existential human condition. I’ve always got a coaching lens on, so we’d like to offer you a look inside the mind of an established coach and existential traveller. 

In as few words as I can muster I’ll share things like the latest coaching research, inspiring podcasts with thought leaders, executive summaries of Coaching Labs and demos, or exciting events – one short Nugget at a time. 

Sounds tasty? Then sign up below!

With Love

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